About Us


Organic Skin Australia, affectionately known as OSA has arrived.

Organic Skin Australia was born out of a sincere passion for skin, the environment and business. We need to protect Mother Nature and human wellness. Here at OSA there is no room for compromise.

As a beauty therapist/ business owner for more than a decade, I found myself at a crossroads with sourcing an Australian owned and made quality driven product, which carries the endorsement of the Australian organic certifications and the support of an honest and ethical business. The two most important bases to a successful business in our industry.

OSA believes in the power of nature to heal and protect the skin. We ensure the use of quality and sustainably sourced ingredients with proven results in our skincare range, at an accessible price. Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Organic Skin Australia believes beauty should not come at the expense of our animals therefore we are committed to offering a cruelty free range. We do not use or test any ingredients/ products on animals.

Our beautiful earth is in desperate need of ongoing love and care. We can all do our part. At OSA we are committed to protecting the earth. Our tubes are biodegradable, and our packaging is recyclable. We promise to keep evolving with the needs of the environment.

At Organic Skin Australia, we are driven by our values of transparency with results driven natural beauty. Staying up to date with the latest technology whilst supporting businesses working with OSA.

Results, honesty, integrity, compassion, ethical and excellent customer support is our promise to you.