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Face Exfoliant – 80ml


79% Certified Organic.

With the perfect blend of jojoba beads and bamboo powder OSA Face Exfoliant will polish the skin and encourage cell renewal. With the addition of charcoal water it will remove pollutants and impurities that may clog pores. Leaving the skin clean and brighter without stripping. 

Hydration Serum – 50ml


90% Certified Organic.

A Hydration Serum that packs a punch. Use OSA Hydration Serum as an intensive treat under your moisturizer. This little gem will add a huge boost of hydration. It contains 25 essential vitamins and nutrients that will feed your skin leaving it hydrated, plump, soft and supple.

Ultra Hydration Mask – 80ml


91% Certified Organic.

OSA Ultra Hydration Mask is a deeply penetrating luxe mask. It will leave the skin feeling nourished with the combination of cocoa seed butter and macadamia oil. The addition of Kakadu Plum contains the highest naturally sourced vitamin C, that will brighten and illuminate the skin. Aloe vera will leave the skin calm and soothed. An excellent mask for all skin types.

Cream Cleanser – 200ml


89% Certified Organic.

A luxurious nutrient rich Cream. The beautifully creamy texture leaves the skin feeling plump, hydrated, calm, soothed and deeply cleaned without stripping.

Renewal Serum – 30ml


92% Certified Organic. 

OSA Renewal Serum is applied under your moisturizer. If you are looking for that extra boost to enhance radiance and encourage cell renewal, this is the serum for you. Your skin will feel and look bright and refreshed.

Day Moisturiser – 50ml


90% Certified Organic

OSA day moisture is light in texture, yet deeply nourishing without leaving a sticky residue. Due to the molecular structure it penetrates into the skin, helping to retain moisture, hydrate and keep the skin looking radiant.

Face Mist – 125ml


90% Certified Organic.

A Face Mist is a hydrating and refreshing spritzer that will be the game changer for all skin types. The skin will feel calm, soothed and more radiant with the gorgeous ingredients of aloe vera , cucumber and cardamom oil. 

Eye Gel – 15ml


89% Certified Organic.

OSA Eye Gel delivers a soothing and calming effect whilst relieving the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. An excellent all rounder for even the most sensitive eye area. 

Night Cream – 50ml


91% Certified Organic

OSA Night Cream is a luscious cream delivering nourishment and revitalisation to your skin whilst your skin cells are renewed when sleeping. If you like a thicker cream this can also be used in the morning if desired.

Organic Skin Australia (OSA) epitomises luxurious skincare, meticulously created to provide a pampering experience in salons across Australia. Driven by our deep passion for skincare, eco-conscious values, and unwavering commitment to ethical practices, OSA adds elegance to your daily routine with our remarkable selection of products.We are dedicated to preserving our planet and enhancing your well-being, making OSA the top choice for modern, environmentally-conscious individuals seeking sophistication and excellence in skincare.

Refresh and Rejuvenate with Our Organic Skincare on Gold Coast

Indulge in our exquisite range of cleansers, moisturisers and hydration serums, meticulously designed to enhance your daily rituals.Our beautifully organic OSA Cream Cleanser leaves your skin plump, hydrated, and deeply cleansed, while our face mist offers a refreshing spritz with a calming blend of aloe vera, cucumber, and cardamom oil for soothing and de-puffing.

Moisturising Treatment for Night and Day: Organic Skincare in Perth

Our OSA Day Moisturiser is light yet extremely nourishing, featuring ingredients such as hyaluronic acid; pomegranate extracts for collagen production and anti-inflammation; and quandong fruit extract, which is renowned for its antioxidant benefits, natural exfoliant abilities, and its ability to support regeneration and repair.Our moisturiser is great for keeping the skin well moisturised by holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water, maintaining the moisture barrier, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Night Time Just Got More Indulgent with Organic Skincare Melbourne Loves

Pamper yourself with our OSA Night Cream, wonderful for revitalising your skin as you get your beauty sleep. Containing patchouli essential oil, cocoa butter and cardamom essential oil, enjoy the benefits of regeneration, anti-inflammatory qualities (bye bye pimples!), and deep rehydration – all while you rest.

Hydrate Like a Pro with Our Range of Organic Spa Products in Adelaide

Our collection of serums delivers a surge of skin-loving moisture. Our OSA Hydration Serum features 25 essential vitamins, including clove oil, rosehip, linalool, and patchouli leaf oil, all working harmoniously to enhance vitality and promote a healthy, radiant complexionMeanwhile, our OSA Renewal Serum delivers radiant, invigorated skin thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, cardamom seed oil, and calendula flower extract. Say hello to luminous complexion, and goodbye to the signs of aging.

Shop Organic Spa Products in Australia

Explore our exquisite range of organic spa products, meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare and wellness experience. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and ethical practices, our products offer a luxurious spa-like indulgence that you can now enjoy at home.Experience the transformative power of genuinely nourishing and energising products. Explore our spa offerings and revolutionise your skincare routine for lasting radiance and well-being for good. For more information, contact us today.
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